PhoneTunes (S60) 4.20

Control iTunes from your mobile


  • Fast connection
  • Simple configuration


  • Hidden features; why hide them?

Very good

If your iTunes library is stocked full of great songs you want to listen to without creating the perfect tracklisting, shuffling tracks or sitting chained to your PC then you might be interested in PhoneTunes. With an Apple iTunes interface the software collates a database of your entire music collection directly onto your mobile. So there's no slow connecting or browsing between phone and PC.

You can then choose the title of each song to be played, manage the tracklist, organise songs by album or artist, raise or lower the volume, skip back and forward through songs and stop or return to the library playlist. The program works by establishing a direct bond between your mobile and iTunes through a Bluetooth connection, WiFi, GPRS or 3G. The other alternative of course would be to just get an iPod. I've heard they're pretty good.

PhoneTunes provides an Apple iTunes interface for a Smartphone, allowing you to control your music collection from the comfort of your phone.

The PhoneTunes client collates a database of your entire music collection directly onto the phone. No slow connecting and browsing between the phone and the PC - all you music is right there on your phone. It's quick, snappy and simple to use.


  • Seamless Bluetooth Integration (support for the Widcomm, Toshiba, BlueSoleil, Microsoft and other common bluetooth stacks)
  • Simple configuration - works right out of the box! Direct access to the bluetooth stack, no slow browsing-for bluetooth devices or time spent attempting to connect-to a Bluetooth device - it just works!
  • Supports Bluetooth, WiFi or even GPRS\3G connections
  • Phone is automatically updated when you add iTunes tracks
  • Support for queuing individual tracks, albums or whole playlists
  • Skip forward or back in the playlist from the smartphone
  • Pause current track from the smartphone
  • Adjust the iTunes volume from the smartphone
  • Extra hidden features - you gotta find them, we are not telling you what they are. But they are way cool.



PhoneTunes (S60) 4.20

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